Dental Practice Management to Move Your Practice to the Next Level and Beyond


Every dental practice faces its own unique challenges. These can include stagnant growth, poor profitability, too few patients, and inefficient staff who fail to operate as a team. As such issues escalate, they not only block the potential of the practice, they impact the practice owner’s motivation and quality of life.

In business for over 30 years, Sterling knows the confusions, stress and inefficiencies that can slow down a practice. The Sterling program identifies the exact issues which need to be addressed and remedies them with customized consulting, dental practice management courses and regional workshops. We’ve shown thousands of dentists how to effectively run their practices so they can do the work they love—dentistry.

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Dental Practice Management Success - Amit Khanna, DMD

 Amit Khanna, DMD Practice

“Five years ago, I bought the dental practice where I was working as an associate when the owner fell ill and had to retire. The next year, we had a decrease in production and collections, followed by another decrease the next year and another the next—three consecutive down years.


Scott Scharf, DDS - Dental Practice Management


"Several years ago, I became disenchanted with dentistry. I was a competent dentist, but had no idea how to run a practice.  Despite long hours and hard work, the practice refused to grow. The staff were unable to grasp what they were supposed to do and had no concept I was paying them to work. Uncertain of how to respond to their disagreements and grievances, I walked on eggshells around them. Turnover was high. I also did a poor job of presenting cases to patients and was frustrated when they declined the treatment I knew they needed.


Neil Woods, DDS

Neil Woods, DDS

“When I graduated from dental school, I was certain I knew it all. As a medical professional, I looked forward to a life of wealth and ease.

“After working as an associate for a few years, I opened my own practice. Far from living the life of Riley, I was living a nightmare. My staff were constantly bickering with each other and me; finger-pointing was their approach to correcting goofs. Even though they made my life miserable, I continued to pay them so they wouldn’t leave. I didn’t know how to control my practice or manage the staff.



  Improving Business Through Communication  

I have a better understanding of the communication cycle and how to master the specific situations when they arise. I found the drills very useful as they made me think about and understand how to manage a conversation with patients, family and friends more effectively.—Scott E., Partner

  Improving Business Through Communication  

It was very helpful to me, not only to apply right away in my practice but in my personal life. I can say my life has changed after this course. I feel that a lot of insecurities and fears are gone and I am going to be able to communicate with my patients, staff, family members and every single person in my life more efficiently. This course exceeded my expectations.—Adriana B., DDS