Customized Consulting


Most dentists open their practices with dreams of helping others with dentistry and earning a good living while doing so. But running a practice presents its own set of management issues. Like a problem tooth, the longer these issues go unaddressed, the worse they become.

Sterling’s customized consulting is designed to isolate and remove the issues which prevent you from achieving your goals for the practice.  Whether you want to improve the operations and performance of your practice or take it to a whole new level, Sterling’s customized consulting provides a clear road map of how to get there.

Practice Review

Your customized program begins with a thorough review of your past and current performance figures, such as monthly production, collections, and number of new patients, and all relevant information concerning the practice and the staff.

Your senior consultant and you define your current goals, short- and long-term objectives and the issues which are hindering your practice. You and your senior consultant also examine your management skills to isolate any areas which need attention to improve your executive abilities.

Strategic Planning

With your current objectives clearly defined, and other relevant data studied, your senior consultant drafts a strategic plan with you to address the target issues in your practice.  The strategic plan is the master plan for your practice. Throughout your consulting, your senior consultant drafts other plans and projects, with your input, to carry out the strategic planning.

Phone Consultations

Execution is a vital aspect of good management. To ensure your plans and projects are getting done and increasing the performance of your practice, your senior consultant consults with you over the phone every one or two weeks, or on whatever schedule you prefer. We have consultants available after your business hours and on the weekends, as desired, to prevent interruptions to your production.

During your phone consultations, your senior consultant reviews your progress on your plans, your performance figures such as production, collections and new patients, and reviews the next series of steps to be taken.

You and your consultant also discuss any situations which need to be addressed and how to resolve them. Your consultant also resolves any stalled steps on the strategic plan.

A Management Pro in Your Corner

With a Sterling senior consultant, you can depend on a caring, highly-trained professional to keep you focused and guide you in accordance with the Sterling program. You also have someone in whom you can confide about issues and personnel in your practice.

Maintaining an “exterior” viewpoint at all times, your senior consultant is trained to observe and evaluate situations and write step-by-step programs to address them. Your senior consultant works with you every step of the way and is completely dedicated to your success.

Meet Our Consultants

Our consulting team is composed of 11 exceptional management professionals who are dedicated to your success. Each is a seasoned professional with many years of experience in the dental industry.