Dental Practice Management Success - Amit Khanna, DMD

 Amit Khanna, DMD Practice

“Five years ago, I bought the dental practice where I was working as an associate when the owner fell ill and had to retire. The next year, we had a decrease in production and collections, followed by another decrease the next year and another the next—three consecutive down years.

“I grew increasingly fearful and stressed. We were making ends meet but not saving any money—where would we be in 10 years? I had fewer patients and we weren’t advertising. There were no hiring procedures in place; I would just put an ad in the paper and if the applicant seemed ok, I would hire them. The result was an uncaring, bickering staff. My motivation was fading and the problems in the practice were putting stress on my family life.

“I saw a Sterling ad in a magazine which sparked my interest. I sent for their management DVD and received a free practice analysis which zeroed in on our exact problems. I could see Sterling had the solution for my practice, so I became a client in August 2010.

“As a result of the Sterling program, I increased my advertising and now get 70 to 80 new patients per month. Sterling taught me that advertising is just the first step in getting new patients. Now, when new people call in, my front desk knows how to get them scheduled and into the practice for treatment. The other staff, from the hygienists to the chairside assistants, know their roles in getting new patients to accept treatment.

“With Sterling’s hiring procedures, I was able to hire my best employee yet. I learned how to manage staff and not keep the negative or unproductive ones around.

“As the old saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. Our year-to-date production and collections are up over last year by 57%. Year-to-date profitability is up by 47%.

“I am completely revitalized as a dentist and the CEO of my practice. Once I was stressed and fearful about the future. Thanks to the Sterling program, the future for my family and my practice has never looked brighter.”—Amit Khanna, DMD