Neil Woods, DDS

Neil Woods, DDS

“When I graduated from dental school, I was certain I knew it all. As a medical professional, I looked forward to a life of wealth and ease.

“After working as an associate for a few years, I opened my own practice. Far from living the life of Riley, I was living a nightmare. My staff were constantly bickering with each other and me; finger-pointing was their approach to correcting goofs. Even though they made my life miserable, I continued to pay them so they wouldn’t leave. I didn’t know how to control my practice or manage the staff.

“All that changed in 1988 when I contacted Sterling for help. A Sterling consultant performed a free analysis of our practice which hit me like a ton of bricks—it nailed what was happening with me and my practice. I signed on with Sterling and my wife and I went to their offices to learn the management skills I hadn’t been taught in college. We also received custom consulting tailored to our specific needs.

“I started implementing what I had learned: organizing the office, training staff to be more effective and setting up a marketing plan. Within three months, my gross income had tripled.

“Today I have a multi-million dollar practice with three doctors and 22 staff. We do everything from implants to Invisalign, and rarely have to refer patients to specialists. We see a steady stream of eight to ten new patients every day. I work from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., four days a week and make the money I only dreamed of when I was working many more hours.

“Even better, though, has been the freedom. With my practice operating smoothly, I’ve been able to concentrate on living a fuller life and achieving all my goals. I’ve been able to spend more time with my family, travel and become involved with the community. I’m confident that with the procedures and personnel I have in place, things won’t fall apart in my absence.

“A person may have dreams, but dreams alone are not enough. Success requires the skillful application of the right techniques. The Sterling program helped me build a prosperous practice and lead a more enjoyable, fulfilling life.”— Neil Woods, DDS