Scott Scharf, DDS - Dental Practice Management


"Several years ago, I became disenchanted with dentistry. I was a competent dentist, but had no idea how to run a practice.  Despite long hours and hard work, the practice refused to grow. The staff were unable to grasp what they were supposed to do and had no concept I was paying them to work. Uncertain of how to respond to their disagreements and grievances, I walked on eggshells around them. Turnover was high. I also did a poor job of presenting cases to patients and was frustrated when they declined the treatment I knew they needed.

"Compared to what I had spent on school, I wasn’t making much money. I had no time with my family and no life of my own. Fed up, I just wanted to earn enough to sell the practice without feeling like a failure. Before throwing in the towel, I decided to check into Sterling and sent away for their management DVD. Watching the DVD, I felt as if the speaker had studied my practice; every difficulty he mentioned I had personally experienced. After an introductory consultation, I became a Sterling client.

"Results were fast and dramatic. My income increased so quickly, I made back the cost of the program, and much more, within the first few weeks. With the help of my consultant, and my management training, I gained the ability to observe and effectively resolve problems in the practice. My communication with patients and staff improved considerably. Production and collections shot up. Sterling’s personnel testing enabled me to find and hire good staff, including a competent associate and an office manager whom I sent to Sterling for training. This further boosted production and collections. Using their marketing techniques, our volume of new patients rose to a whole new level. As the practice improved, I began to focus on the high-end dentistry I love, such as full mouth reconstruction. Sterling showed me how to present these cases so the patient understood the need for treatment and accepted it.

"Since starting with Sterling, my production and collections have increased by 1000% and I now have a multi-million dollar practice. Even better is the freedom I’ve gained. My wife and I have five children and we lead very busy lives. Because my associate and staff are caring and competent, I can be away from the practice for weeks, and even months, at a time. If needed, my consultant and I can manage the practice remotely.

"Once I wanted to leave dentistry. Now I love my work and don’t see myself ever retiring. If any of this hits home, call Sterling at 800-933-7538 or click here for a copy of their management DVD. My only regret is not finding them sooner."—Scott Scharf, DDS