Toys for Tots Literacy Program


Kevin Wilson, Chairman & CEO of Sterling is Working with the US Marines to Strike Against Illiteracy.

Glendale, CA – Sterling and Business Executives from across the nation gathered with US Marines November 29, 2014 for an Annual Benefit Dinner to celebrate Toys for Tots Literacy Program.  This year’s attendees provided over 100,000 books to the Toys for Tots Literacy Program that will go to underprivileged children this Christmas. It represents another major strike in the battle being waged against illiteracy.

The National Center for Children in Poverty reports that over 16 million children live in poverty. Through the gift of a book, these children are provided with the tools they need to give them a chance to help break the cycle of poverty, one child at a time.

During the event presentation, Lt. Gen. President & CEO of the US Marine Corps Toys for Tots Program, Lt. Gen. Pete Osman, said, “Literacy is at the core of academic achievement for all children and it’s critical that we work together to help every child have access and exposure to books at home and in their communities. By giving the gift of reading to a child in your life or a child in need, you are not only opening up a world of opportunity for them, but you are giving them a lifetime of joy.”

Kevin said, “I am committed to giving back to my community. I want my clients to know about and support this program as well. It is an excellent way for them to give back to their communities as well.  We can all participate in giving the gift of hope and reading to underprivileged children. I believe giving the gift of reading will help our young people break their cycle of poverty by helping them acquire skills and a good education.”

Kevin Wilson was awarded a “Commander’s Award”, by Lt. Gen. Pete Osman, and acknowledged for his undying support of this program.

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An additional 8 Sterling clients were also honored with a Commander’s Award this year.