Customized Consulting


Most dentists open their practices with dreams of helping others with dentistry and earning a good living while doing so. But running a practice presents its own set of management issues. Like a problem tooth, the longer these issues go unaddressed, the worse they become.


Why Work With Our Consultants


Our consultants are first and foremost stable points for practice owners. The confusions generated by a practice—the public at large, its patients, staff, the vendors and especially the government—can hit the owner of a practice daily. Combining the energies of the consultant and the practice owner overcomes the confusions generated. Our consultants give the practice owners stability.


Sterling’s Workshops: Real Tools for Your Practice


If I were going to gain insight on how to better manage my practice or business, I would have just three requirements of someone:

1. Does the person making the suggestions have himself or herself a business or practice that would be a model of success, or at least what I would consider successful?

2. Does the person operate on sound principles?

3. Can the person show me how to do it or give it to me in simple enough language where I could easily understand and apply it?


Know More About Managing a Practice

Sterling Training

Like dentistry, successful practice management is based on its own set of principles and procedures. When these principles and procedures are known and put to use, a dental practice thrives and prospers. When they are not, growth can stagnate, staff conflicts can arise and revenue and profitability are likely to suffer.


  Executive Basics  

The Executive Basics course was excellent. It has given me a lot of tools to become a good executive and leader of my practice. I have learned what it takes to achieve staff compliance. Also, I understand what mistakes I have done related to my office policy and post duties that drove me and my staff to confusion and misunderstanding situations in the past. But fortunately, I know how to fix it, how to manage my staff in order to reach our goals, succeed and expand our practice. - Adriana B., DDS

  Essentials of Practice Management  

I came into this class not knowing much about business, but after completing this class I feel very confident when it comes to managing my business. I am very excited and can’t wait to implement what I have learned.—Bassam E.

  Executive Basics  

I thought this course was excellent. It puts into writing the philosophies that I’ve always felt made for a great executive and leader.—Gary S., OM