Success Stories

Neil Woods, DDS

Neil Woods, DDS

“When I graduated from dental school, I was certain I knew it all. As a medical professional, I looked forward to a life of wealth and ease.

“After working as an associate for a few years, I opened my own practice. Far from living the life of Riley, I was living a nightmare. My staff were constantly bickering with each other and me; finger-pointing was their approach to correcting goofs. Even though they made my life miserable, I continued to pay them so they wouldn’t leave. I didn’t know how to control my practice or manage the staff.

Scott Scharf, DDS - Dental Practice Management


"Several years ago, I became disenchanted with dentistry. I was a competent dentist, but had no idea how to run a practice.  Despite long hours and hard work, the practice refused to grow. The staff were unable to grasp what they were supposed to do and had no concept I was paying them to work. Uncertain of how to respond to their disagreements and grievances, I walked on eggshells around them. Turnover was high. I also did a poor job of presenting cases to patients and was frustrated when they declined the treatment I knew they needed.

David Cutts, DDS - Dental Practice Management

David Cutts, DDS

When I built my practice in Temecula, California, it was the second fastest-growing town in the US. With no more marketing than a sign out front to let people know I was there, we were booming. The trouble was that I was working so hard I was fried and didn’t know how long I could go on at that pace without facing burnout. I was making good money but I didn’t feel like I was getting ahead. Something was missing. There was something about running a practice that I didn’t know; I knew I didn’t know it, and it was getting to me.