Success Stories

Sterling Client Case Study #1 - Dental Practice - Office Manager


Practice Challenges: The doctor was working as an associate at a dental practice when the owner was forced to retire due to health issues. As a result, the doctor bought the practice in 2006. In the first year, he enjoyed a modest increase in production and collections. Then the recession hit and production and collections declined for the next three years. No advertising was being done and the number of patients was decreasing. This situation caused the doctor a good deal of anxiety and stress.

Sterling Client Case Study #2 – Dental Practice – Management Training


Practice Challenges: After two years working as an associate, the dentist opened his own practice. Having had no management training, running the practice proved to be a frustrating, discouraging experience. There were a number of ongoing issues. The staff were unable to grasp what they were supposed to do and had no concept that they were paid to be productive. The doctor felt uncertain of how to respond to disagreements or grievances and so would “walk on eggshells” around the staff. Turnover was high.

Roger Stevens, DDS

"In 2006, the dental practice I had opened 25 years earlier started to go stale. There was plenty of work to do, but we were not growing. At that point in my life, I was old enough to worry about my retirement. I tried to find a buyer, or an associate who would someday take over, but no one was interested due to the flat growth. Our revenues would stay flat for the next five years.

Dental Practice Success

"Although the government had declared the recession was over, I still blamed the economy for flat-lined production in my dental practice in 2010. I had purchased the practice in 2004 with a dream of building a strong business, earning a good living, working three or four days a week and enjoying life. Six years later, financial problems and stagnant growth would make that dream an improbability.



  Improving Business Through Communication  

I have a better understanding of the communication cycle and how to master the specific situations when they arise. I found the drills very useful as they made me think about and understand how to manage a conversation with patients, family and friends more effectively.—Scott E., Partner

  Improving Business Through Communication  

It was very helpful to me, not only to apply right away in my practice but in my personal life. I can say my life has changed after this course. I feel that a lot of insecurities and fears are gone and I am going to be able to communicate with my patients, staff, family members and every single person in my life more efficiently. This course exceeded my expectations.—Adriana B., DDS